We deliver flowers and floral gifts for your garden WORLDWIDE!

We are a floral design and gift boutique. We love all animals and gnomes. We love you! We know how beneficial an inspiring atmosphere can be, and we delight in helping you to enhance your space and welcome your guests.

Allow us to help you create a distinctive mood in your home, office, or business with weekly floral deliveries – designed with your individual aesthetic and décor in mind.

  • Boutiques, Private Residences, Corporate Offices! 

  • Previously a brick 'N mortar flower shop owner but we've gone digital, on the world wide web, with a greenhouse boutique in the back yard. 


We create and design floral arrangements as bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, wreaths or other arrangements. They clean, process, cut and arrange flowers (either live or dried) and other greenery and accessories either according to set layouts or as their own original designs. Now, we use USPS to Ship everything to anywhere in the world within 2 weeks.

At least 10% of the profits from the new e-florist will go to save the bees and other animal charities. Hopefully we'll save enough to travel around and save animals ourselves.

A recent trend has introduced miniature gnomes of only a few inches in height. Originating as a decoration for wealthy Europeans, garden gnomes are now prevalent in gardens and lawns throughout the western world, among all social classes.

Gomes on Wikipedia are figurines of small humanoid creatures. Traditionally, the figurines depict dwarfs wearing red pointy hats. 

Welcome to the Gnome Florist.